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Absolute Arom

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We extract the essences to create your fragance or flavouring

Flavours and Fragrances


Our lines


1. Food flavourings: We provide the latest in the investigation of natural flavourings to be applied in the creation of new flavours used in the food industry.


2. Fragrances:


- Environmental Line: Environmental Aromatherapy for spa. Personalised creation service for hotels spas, gyms and beauty centres. Air fresheners for offices and shops, among others.


We provide new sensations for your company and your clients so they interpret the true essence of your product or service.


From the information provided we create the most appropriate fragrance for your freshener.


- Body Line: aromatherapy for health centres, spas, aesthetic and specialised stores.


We create products for personal care, both physical and holistic from both essential and vegetable oils.