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Absolute Arom

Dr. Trueta 69

08005 Barcelona

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History, values and objectives

A long family tradition

Who we are

absolute arom is a newly established company with a long tradition.

The origins of the family business are found back in 1951 with the creation of Auromer.


The world of fragrances and flavourings  is very special as it provides odour and taste to many products that normally are odourless and tasteless.


absolute arom was born to take over Auromer and to create a new line in the world of smells and tastes, using the experience of over 60 years and adapting itself to new realities.

The sense of smell is the greatest unknown sense and the least used of all of them. However, it can give us great pleasures and evoke feelings and emotions incomparable to any other respect.



What we offer

  • Recent advances in the research of natural flavorings to be applied in the creation of new flavours used in the food industry.
  • Aromatherapy products for personal care, both physical and holistic essential and vegetable oils.
  • Massage oils and body care.
  • Customised air fresheners to produce vibrations to your spaces and enabling your clients to interpret the true essence of your product or service.
  • We offer the possibility to pass beyond the object or service to achieve the sense of smelling what you want to offer.


Our company values'

Creativity, innovation, professionalism, quality and commitment to our customers.


Confidence in the product. Respect for the environment.


Our aims

We offer quality products that make life more enjoyable and give you the opportunity to enjoy the olfactory sense and taste.


Convey our knowledge of the world of flavours and fragrances to sectors who feel the restlessness of innovation and provide an added and innovative value to your company.


Excellence, innovation, professionalism and confidentiality.


We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction though our dedication. 


Customised creation of essential oils and fragances