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absolute arom


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absolute arom

The flavours are the substances that confer smell and taste to a determinate product and stimulate the olfactory and gustatory senses. They are decisive in the choice of a product of by final consumer. 


Working with a narrow collaboration with our customers and with the contribution of our research of the natural flavourings, we obtain the joint creation of the Aroma wished to be incorporated in your product.


With our extense range of flavourings we can scent a great variety of products. 


Our products


DRINKS: Flavourings for drinks, wether alcoholiques or not, with or without fruits, with or without carbonic gas; coffees, teas, etc 


CONFECTIONERY: From the classic flavourings until the last developments. Flavours of candies of every type: gums, marshmallows, aspics, etc.


FAT: Specifics for both phases, Greasy and Aqueous: Margarine, Butters, Mayonnaises and Ghees. 


DAIRY: Developed for Ice Creams and Shakes, with an extense variety of fruits, including the tropical ones as the Guayaba, the Fruit of the Passion, the Mango and the most exotic likeLychees.


PASTRY: Resistant flavourings to the high temperatures of the ovens, delicates in the case of the citrus and especially of the Lemon, as well as lacteal flavourings and others that go from the Orange Blossom to the Vanilla.


SALTY: We have an extense variety of meat flavours, for fresh products as well as cooked or cured.


Flavourings of fish as the anchovies, oysters, hake; to scent the surimi and the surrogate of shellfish as the crab and the shrimps, among others. 

For aperitifs we have an extense variety of flavours in powder, from the most traditional to the newest ones. 


We create and manufacture ours flavourings in accordance with the European Regulation 1334/2008.